This year made you feel like you’re stuck and stagnant, not moving anywhere. But what if you’re a caterpillar who just entered your own cocoon? Looking from the outside, you’re still and quiet in the same place every day, seems no progress at all. However, when you try to see beyond those covers and look within yourself, you might be surprise to know that you’re actually transforming. Many have thought that cocoon is just a resting place for caterpillar. Little did we know that behind those silks, caterpillars are transforming into a new creature. What seems to be passive is actually active. There’s a lot of process that requires the old caterpillar be broken down so that it may turn into something new and beautiful. So that it may turn into a marvelous butterfly that meant to bloom in the right time.

This may be the year you thought you’re in the darkness, isolated from the world. A year where everything you desired is delayed and cancelled. But believe that this is actually your transforming season. You may not see your growth eye to eye, but you are changing and learning and transforming. You discover yourself and the things you’re capable of. You embrace uncertainty. You’ve gained new perspective. You try new things and you take a risk. You give more. You love more. You overcome. You survive. The changes may not be drastic nor physical, but there’s an inner peace and inner growth.

Think about it. 2020 maybe your preparation year before you dominate the world with your kindness and good actions. It may be a moment given to you so you can be solemn for once with your thoughts, be alone so you could reflect and discern. A year for yourself, because maybe the following years would be about other people in your life. Maybe this is your pause before you start walking into a new and long path.

So endure a little more in your own cocoon. Believe that in this quiet season, you are being molded into the person you are always meant to be.

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