Life will never go exactly as we planned it. And as hard as we try, we’re not supposed to figure it out. We are meant to live it.

To all the Binge Racers (a new term for all the “abangers” in Netflix), I’m pretty sure that you know what these letters TBD means. It’s the “official/ unofficial” dance group name of Quinn Ackerman meaning “to be determined” and her squad from the newly released movie Work It. This film will definitely make you miss dancing (if you haven’t danced for a while now) or will make you want to learn how to dance (you may want to unleash that inner dancer in you). But more importantly, this movie is not just about the modern pop songs or the all star casts, this will give you a familiar beat of life.

With a 4.0 GPA, a National Merit Scholar, a Volunteer in the local community, a student government treasurer, Head of AV Club, Quinn was confident that these track records would definitely pave her way to her dream school Duke University. But things aren’t going the way she planned as these things she strived so hard to achieve weren’t enough to make her on the list. And the one thing that she’s never good at; dancing, might be her only ticket to the University she dreamed of her entire life.

Like how their start up dance group name is yet to be finalized, we get to connect with Quinn’s life as she tried to change course in her already set destination, forcing her to face the reality that her end goal is still yet to be determined. And I think many of us is Quinn Ackerman. I personally see myself in her character, being that academic geek with already set goals in mind, and I thought the life I imagined is the life that I will get, because I believed so much in the power of mind, what I think is what I become. And I know that you see yourself in her too, maybe in different ways or aspect. One way or another, we set our mind on the things we want to achieve and push ourselves to reach that specific destination. And as we journey, we tend to box ourselves in what we’re already comfortable with and not taking any risks of changing direction.

But life as it is, happens. The road we took can get bumpy sometimes or worse, still under construction, and we need to reroute so we could keep going. There will be hassles and struggles. This can also get harder, because the other way seems so unfamiliar. But I want you to know that’s it’s okay to change the way we do things and there’s nothing wrong with changing our plans either. This is exactly where we grow and learn more. Just like how Quinn thought that her near-perfect academic records will make her into Duke University. Instead, she needs to become not just a typical dancer, but a champion to get a shot in the university. Then she finds way to be able to do it because her eyes are fixed on that dream. And there are also times that the dreams we had once cherished for so long could also change in an instant. Same as how Quinn discovered that she has a talent for dancing, thanks to her friends, of course, making her realize that she could let go of her dream university and try for another one.

It takes people and experience to make us discover that we are capable of doing other things, that there are some talents that we didn’t know were buried deep inside us that only need a little spark to ignite it. Somehow it may set our lives in a new and a whole different direction. And again, it’s totally okay to have a change of heart, because the truth is people grow and sometimes they outgrew their self. And no one has the right to judge you or stop you from making another choice. Life will never go exactly as we planned it. And as hard as we try, we’re not supposed to figure it out. We are meant to live it. We can never get the accurate outcome because life will unfold depending on the choices we made and on the ones that we didn’t. It will depend on the people that we meet, whether they stay or leave. It will depend on the circumstances, good and bad. And these are the things we can’t control.

We just have to brace ourselves on the things that might come or on the things that might change. It’s okay if the things you only figured out are the food you want to eat or the next country you want to travel. Or that you can sing and write. It’s okay that we only got few things figured out, the rest is TBD.

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