In this difficult chapter of your life, what would you want your story to be?

We’ve been asking one question ever since the Covid 19 pandemic hit us. That one question is not just affecting our lives, but it’s actually stopping us from living our lives. It’s hard to adjust to the new normal that we kept on asking “when will it end” so that we could go back to our old lives. We have this thought that maybe it will end, we just have to wait, and so, we stop doing things.

Lockdowns have prevented us to hang out with our friends. Reaching out in this time became so difficult because we’re so used to meeting them personally. And we just stop communicating. We tell ourselves “I’ll see them next month”. Then the next month came and we’re still in quarantine. At the end, we tell ourselves again “I’ll talk to them after this pandemic ends”.

Then work from home setup has become a viable long-term option. Now that home life and work life share the same space, we’re struggling to draw the line between these two. We tend to work overtime. And because we work more, we don’t realize that we are taking for granted the time we have for our family.

Since we’re all just at home, we thought were spending time with them too. But are we? Or are we just staying home with them? When was the last time you had a girl’s night with your siblings? When was the last time you had a family bonding? It is true that this pandemic changes our relationship and our work. It also changes our hobbies and the things we used to do. There are so many plans that are postponed. So many opportunities that are gone. We lose things and we lose ourselves too. The list will never stop if we are going to enumerate all the bad things that has happened to us ever since Covid-19 hit our country. But we’re still alive, aren’t we? Yes, we are struggling, but we’re still breathing. It’s very cliche, but we can never really control the things that will happen to us yet we can choose how to respond to these situations.

Maybe we’ve been asking the wrong question all along. Instead of asking, “When will this pandemic end?”, maybe we should start asking these questions: How would I like to behave at this time of crisis? Who would I like to be during this time? How can I help and support others? What is working well in my life? What am I learning about myself this time? Harsh times have occurred to us and will continue to occur throughout our lives, but it is up to us how we interpret them. There’s a lot that we experienced in the past few months, and I believe that we also learned from it.

Every hardship presents an opportunity, we just need to recognize that instead of letting it defeat us. We owe it to ourselves to live the best life even at this time to pandemic. We always have a choice of how we are going to respond to what the world offers us. We should not let this crisis dictate the way our life should be. We need to look within ourselves and realize that we have the power to make things happen. Are we going to let ourselves be stuck in this situation? Will we spend all the days being irritated, angered, reactive and constantly complaining? Or will we choose love, compassion, humor, hope, family and friends? It’s time to ask yourself. In this difficult chapter of your life, what would you want your story to be? How do you want your life to impact others? And what legacy would you want to create?

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