The Beauty of our Age

“In front of death, every past moment is the climax of your life. All ages are like a flower. It’s just that you don’t know how beautiful each age was at that time. “ Poem from About Time

When we were 10, we wanted to grow up quickly so we won’t have to force ourselves to take a nap in the afternoon. 

When we were 16, we wished we’re an adult so we could leave house and do everything we want to do, with no parents scolding us.

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Cancel Culture

Things get cancelled all the time for different reasons. That staycation you’ve been planning for months got cancelled because your boss didn’t approve your leave. Shows gets cancelled due to low ratings. You cancel an order after you change your mind that you don’t want it anymore. To cancel simply means to call off plans and things. But time has changed and now, the world cancels people too.

We saw how Cancel Culture is trending in the digital continent. But what does it really mean to cancel people?

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Have we been asking the wrong question all along?

In this difficult chapter of your life, what would you want your story to be?

We’ve been asking one question ever since the Covid 19 pandemic hit us. That one question is not just affecting our lives, but it’s actually stopping us from living our lives. It’s hard to adjust to the new normal that we kept on asking “when will it end” so that we could go back to our old lives. We have this thought that maybe it will end, we just have to wait, and so, we stop doing things.

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That’s all I’ve got figured out. The rest is TBD.

Life will never go exactly as we planned it. And as hard as we try, we’re not supposed to figure it out. We are meant to live it.

To all the Binge Racers (a new term for all the “abangers” in Netflix), I’m pretty sure that you know what these letters TBD means. It’s the “official/ unofficial” dance group name of Quinn Ackerman meaning “to be determined” and her squad from the newly released movie Work It. This film will definitely make you miss dancing (if you haven’t danced for a while now) or will make you want to learn how to dance (you may want to unleash that inner dancer in you). But more importantly, this movie is not just about the modern pop songs or the all star casts, this will give you a familiar beat of life.

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Morena and Proud

I used to hate my skin color. I was exposed to an environment where it was implied being light-skinned is better. It was during the teenage years that I thought brown skin is ugly, unattractive. It has become a norm in our society to call brown-skinned women with labels such as “negra”, “anino”, “sunog”, etc. They even used the words “exotic beauty” to describe women like us, as if we’re some kind of an alien in this country.

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